Onlytrees  Wire Trees

A  Unique  Twist  In  Wire  Art

 Some call me twisted!  That's fine! My name is Carol, twisting wire is what I do. Creating magnificent realistic looking wire trees, living trees are incredible. To me, trees are the sign of life, they are organic, natural, and original pieces of God's beautiful artwork. I have been blessed to be given this opportunity to share with you this talent. I am a self taught artist, from the foot hills of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.  The love of trees comes from the passion that I have for these magnificent living creatures.  Allow me to share this story with you. 

Take your time enjoy. There are many things to enjoy on this website.

Thank you for stopping in!  Now that you are here, there are many things to check out. The documentary is my story.  The resume is not a formal one. As you go through the different pages on this website, you will find that I made this website to share with you...  I'm sure you will enjoy looking, and will understand the love that I have for the work that I create There are photos of trees that I have personally taken myself.  These photos will show you the type of artwork I do. All of the photos that you will come across are from a collection that I have put together over the years.

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